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SIMON is the leading manufacturers of electrical accessories with 100 years of history. Throughout the history, SIMON has persevered and worked hard to provide innovation and solutions to the world. In the quest in providing the best to our customers, the standard of high quality SIMON electrical accessories and service remains the utmost priority. To assist us in achieving this, the production centers are accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. SIMON product conforms to various IECEE CB Scheme standards as a basis to meet the international’s technical requirements.

In Indonesia, SIMON products adhere to regulations set by SNI and further tested and approved by Sucofindo. This is an assurance to our customers on the high quality and safety of our products. Innovation is a key aspect to the company. Professional engineers and designers are working around the clock to improve on existing products and to create new innovative ideas and turning them into reality to meet the demand of the ever changing world.

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